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Okay so the more astute of you might notice that this post is the same as the last post! And you’d be wrong. However those of you who think that are wrong. Not super wrong. Wrong like “A tomato is a vegetable” wrong, not “A tomato is a practical suspension-bridge” wrong.

It’s been almost a year since we began work on this website, and it has been one crazy year! This comic (as it stands here) was our first “proof of concept”. We took this comic and showed it to everyone we knew and said “Yeah! This is our style, what do you think?”. Of course our style hasn’t stayed the same, not even close. And this isn’t to say that the version here was the only version we came up with (“Alfonso – IN COLOUR?!” – that’s a twist for another time).

So even though it’s a bit premature for any anniversary shenanigans, we thought we’d take a look back on where this year has taken us. Why does one comic take so long? Why do new characters take so long? WHY ARE WE STILL DOING THIS? Find out these and probably more * in THIS BLOG POST. Also we have a TON OF CONCEPT ART for you to check out!

Also HERE.

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They’re all the same blog post.



*”More” not guaranteed, “Less” may be implied.