So, in last weeks blog post it turns out I missed one crucial titbit of information. Charlie’s work schedule is all kinds of crazy right now! So for the mean time, you can expect a full comic post on Sundays, and a little bit of something on a Wednesday! We would hate for you to go without!

So this week Charlie drew up a rather Gothic-ly beautiful piece he’s called “The Midnight Guard”, in homage to a new favourite comic of ours – “Blackhand Comics” by artist/writer Wes Craig.

Funnily enough, you can see a link to this comic’s Amazon page above! How did that happen? Well that’s sort of a long story, which we will address via blog post in the near future. But for now let’s just clarify that if you were tempted to buy that comic from the link above, it would actually go to supporting not only Wes Craig, but our comic too! And also Amazon, but aren’t we all just supporting Amazon in the end?