So last week we had a “special” 9-panel comic (it’s almost like we’re professionals), and the more astute of you noticed that we missed our Wednesday post (due to illness) and or Sunday post (due to the dreaded technical difficulties). So whoops on us!

Here is a sketch straight from Charlie’s sweet dreams, which to me appears to be a city carved out of the back and gargantuan Centipede-Plant. But I’m no professional! There’s a thorough explanation for this on this weeks blog.

Also it was a great week in film! One of my personal heroes won Best Screenplay for Get Out, and Charlies ultimate hero / secret crush Guillermo Del Toro won Best Director! So this post is sort of inspired by that, and Charlie’s blog also gives him a (somewhat less-shiny) shout-out.


This weeks blog:

The Great Roamer