…And What Do We Have To Show For It?”

That’s a question I’ve become quite familiar with over the years. In the past it was at the annual dreaded “Parent’s Evenings” at school. Now I hear it bi-annually at my (surprise-surprise) bi-annual “Performance Reviews” *shudder*. But in truth my over-familiarity with this question was not formed by over-zealous English Literature teachers or overly-friendly managers. No, for this one I really have to take the bulk of the blame.

Every New Years Eve, Birthdays (not even necessarily my own) and really any other recurring-annual-event, I ask myself this question in one form or another. And now, facing one year of Alfonso and Friends, I find myself facing that inevitable question yet again.

“But wait!” I hear you cry. “Alfonso and Friends started in October!” You’re right. “Also, here’s £50.” Oh thank you, I’m going to hold you to that. Yes, the first “Comic Anniversary” is not quite here yet, but the actual work behind the scenes in getting that first comic out really began around now. We certainly do put our time in.

This time I can certainly answer that question. We’ve made over thirty comics, we’ve had a lot of fun and certainly more than a few laughs. At least on our behalf, we hope you’re laughing too.

We’re so thankful for your support – either continued, new or part-time – it means the world to us. As always, feel free to get in touch with us about things you’ve enjoyed, things you don’t like, or ideas you have about what we can do! Believe it or not, we do enjoy hearing from you!

Now aside from the digital and sentimental, we also got a couple of more tangible things this year!

Firstly, I received this gift from the wonderfully talented Sophie Monks –

It’s a clay-baked model she made as a gift, and it’s absolutely wonderful! Extra titbit- apparently she made Alfonso because he is the simplest shape, something Charlie also likes to remind me.

Check out Sophie’s Etsy store here:

(Sophie asked me to wait till her page was 110% ready for all you Nosey-Nellies – so watch this space!)

And her website here:

And secondly we received these absolutely wonderful creations from the brilliant Theresa Remmer –

I’m sort of in love with these – they would certainly make for a very alternative Christmas tree!

Check out her Etsy here:



So that’s a big thanks to you all, and extra big thanks to Sophie and Theresa (seriously, check out their lovely pages – these creative types are mental), and next time I ask myself that question, I can comfortably turn around and tell myself “Get lost!”

Or something…

It’s been a long year.

And a good one.