Samurai Jack was cool on a mind blowing level. It was stylish, futuristic and yet riddled with history. And it was pretty bad-ass. However what was really insane for me back then, and still now really, is that in spite of how great it was they never finished it, it was like an untouchable cliff hanger that would forever dangle over the precipice of uncertainty. Then, thanks to this ever growing wave of nostalgia that seems to be sweeping our world, that seemingly endless precipice was filled with nothing other than answers and conclusions which, when added together and multiplied by the time that has passed equate too satisfying closure. Basically they made a new season with an actual ending. So, there’s some good to come from this weird world.

I recently set out during this wonderful “animated golden age” to finish a bunch of the shows I start as a child, most of which actually had endings I never knew about. To erroneously quote Buzzfeed “What I found will SHOCK you!” – which, much like the “news” site I quoted, is definitely not true.

Ed Edd n Eddy had a finale – AND IT WAS A MOVIE! And it’s hilarious. Which isn’t as surprising as the fact that it even exists, because it was such a hilarious show.

The Regular Show ended – And it’s finale made me cry, manly, adult tears. I’m not ashamed of that. I was however at work when I watched it. That part was a problem.

Phineas and Ferb also ended – But Perry the Platypus will live on forever.

Adventure Time is still a thing – yeah, it’s not all doom and gloom. Jake and Finn will be gracing our (or at least my) screens for a while. Until later this year that is, when it’s scheduled to end.


Damn, I wish I wasn’t getting so old.