Okay so first things first. These Amazon links popping up all over the site are not advertising in the typical sense. We aren’t “selling out” – we literally and metaphorically have nothing to “sell”. Alfonso and Friends is ultimately a labor of love right now. Which roughly translates as we make no money from this right now, and in actual fact lose money every year. Because websites cost money. BOO CAPITALISM! But lo and behold, with the 21st century comes new ways to achieve financial subsidy for independent artistic endeavors! YAY CAPITALISM…SORT OF!

Amazon Associates is a free scheme (I use that word with absolutely 0% of it’s seedy criminal implications) which allows small website hosts (such as ourselves) to causally link to products from Amazons online catalogue. If a reader clicks on the link from our website, and then buys said recommended product, we get a tiny proportional share of that sale.

How is this any different from typical advertising, you may ask. Well, it’s different in several ways.

  1. We get to pick when and where to include these links. We won’t just throw them at you all the time everywhere, but when we have something we think you might like, and is relevant to the post, we will give you a tip.
  2. We get top pick exactly what we’recommending. Let’s be clear, Amazon (or anyone else for that matter) are not paying us to review any specific items. You won’t see us recommending products we ourselves don’t like. In fact most of the time we will be recommending this we already own!
  3. We only get paid when/if you actually buy the item from the link, so it’s in our best interest to just offer you things you might like. And you get the happy knowledge that when you treat yourselves, you’re giving a tip to the future of the comic! Yay! Friendships!
  4. I can’t stress this enough, but we really won’t be putting these links on every post. I can’t think of a reason that any of these links would belong on a normal comic post. These broader-topic Wednesday posts however, maybe so, but more often than not they will be in the blogs.

Ultimately these links will be things that we like and are relevant to Alfonso, and if you like Alfonso you might like the stuff we like – it’s like free recommendations than can also support the comic.

Like this weeks Hellboy!

Charlie drew the one in comic post in his own style – and I for one think it’s pretty bad-ass. Charlie loves these comics, he loves Mignola, and he love the films, AND he loves Guillermo del Toro. So it’s pretty much “his thing”. I’ll get him to write something about this, when I can convince him to put  down the sketch pad and pick up the keyboard. So the Amazon link on the Comic Post is the first Hellboy collected arc,  and the link here is the Collectors Edition, with more arcs crammed into it’s sultry hard-backed bindings.

But to practice for this piece, he drew this other version of Hellboy, in a style that very much emulates Mignola’s own art style. And I think he pretty much nailed this one too!