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Okay so the more astute of you might notice that this post is the same as the last post! And you’d be wrong. However those of you who think that are wrong. Not super wrong. Wrong like “A tomato is a vegetable” wrong, not “A tomato is a practical suspension-bridge” wrong.

It’s been almost a year since we began work on this website, and it has been one crazy year! This comic (as it stands here) was our first “proof of concept”. We took this comic and showed it to everyone we knew and said “Yeah! This is our style, what do you think?”. Of course our style hasn’t stayed the same, not even close. And this isn’t to say that the version here was the only version we came up with. There were around five versions of this one comic, and one of them was even in colour. (I’m saving that one for a special occasion). We quickly abandoned colour for two reasons – It took to long, and it didn’t always suit the story in the same way. But it’s this sort of experimentation and development which makes Alfonso fun for us – and also really, really hard. And time consuming.

We’re constantly learning and growing, as writers and artists, and as content producers in general. Sometimes we drop the ball, but we’re always the first to admit that and pick it back up. But it does take us time. This year, Charlie and I started the exact same job on the exact opposite shifts. We work long days for low pay, and are tired and cranky most of the time. Well, I am. I’m starting to think Charlie doesn’t sleep. But we’re getting better at getting ideas to concept to page quicker, and we have developed a wonderful “shared sense of humour” that cuts that down massively.

But ultimately we are perfectionists in some ways. Charlie this week has done no less than four redrafts of earlier comics and had me stealthily “replace” the old posts with them. Sneaky, sneaky Charlie. But I myself have also rewritten one instalment four times. We’re both nightmares. But to demonstrate how these things can take so long, here is just some of the concept art we’ve cooked up this past year, mostly for small characters and one off jokes!

Enjoy, and thanks for reading!


Our “Undead Pet Squad” – Squishy, Cavity Crawler, and Malaga.

Malaga was originally supposed to be kind of cool – but I ruined him with my disdain for Iguanas and Monitor Lizards. Oh and Komodo Dragons! Damn misleadingly-named lazy lizards…





Our Villains – Night Badger, Owlman, Soot Kitten and the Wizard Chicken.

I always tell people that Owlman was the first villain I came up with, but I honestly think it might have been the Wizard Chicken, which was just how I referred to pheasants for a painfully long time. 


 Our Core – Alfonso, Cynthia and Colin

My, how they’ve changed…









I don’t remember this one… Hey… Wait a second…?






Thanks for a pretty cool (almost) year!