Well, it’s that time of year again. That time when Winter takes hold, and the accompanying nuclear-fallout encapsulates and overpowers all else. Or, you know. Christmas and family and stuff.

As some of you may have noticed, our uploads have been a little less frequent. We’re sorry about that! This time of year, fun as it may be, comes with a great deal of *shudder* responsibilities. Present buying, work, travel, and just various tons of general adulting. One big issue is the fundamental way which Alfonso is actually made. Charlie and I actual have the exact same job (real job – not Alfonso job), which should make collaboration pretty convenient. But there’s a little catch – we both work the exact role, on the exact opposite shifts. This means all collaboration is done via phone calls, Skypes and the odd hasty lunch.

This is a perfectly functional dynamic, except when the time of years calls for even more duties. So anticipating the difficulty we would have, we agreed in early December that we would cut back our release schedule to once a week, just on Sundays (that seems to be our most popular day – thanks digital demographics counter!).

A very mature plan, very professional. Except we forgot to tell anyone about it. That might have been a little bit of mistake. Every day we agreed one of us would announce the delay, and then work would kick-up and we’d forget. So we’re sorry! Now you know.

Right at the end of December.


But the good news is we will be getting back to our usual upload schedule early January – your Wednesday can go back to being sort of worthwhile instead of soul-crushingly dismal. Don’t deny it, we know your Wednesdays are awful. First releases will be the wrapping up of Colin’s first week at school, a brief insight into where exactly the Soot Kitten came from and a couple of special “one-offs” that we really enjoy. You’ll also finally get to meet Malaga – who might be the greatest creature/thing Charlie and I have ever made, or ever will make. These releases will then give way to a brand new arc – but more on that later.

But there’s more stuff to make up for it! Firstly Charlie has had a little bit of a delay in creating new comics, in that he’s somehow managed to both lose his voice and poison himself. Typical day to day thing. It’s his own fault because he broke his cardinal rule – “Don’t eat the food in (his home town)”. He’s adapted pretty well however. From what I hear his sign language is coming along pretty dramatically, and he drew us this fantastic Christmas poster (TBR Christmas day), and a pretty fantastic Krampus (below). You know, looking at this makes me wonder why I haven’t written a Krampus story so far? Maybe he should pop by Alfonso’s school at some point. Hang out with Night Badger and Owlman. Who knows? Could be a thing. But I really like the woodland style Krampus. We should sell this as a print!

Charlie also took some time to make me this amazing Christmas gift (below the Krampus)! In his words it “combines your (my) love for Owls, and my (his) love of puns.” It certainly does! For the record, I bought him The Evil Within 2. Which although I didn’t make it (I wish I did) is still a good gift. It still counts!

Speaking of other things we’ve been getting up to (and speaking of owls and puns), I’ve been writing out the next arc of Alfonso.  I won’t spoil it for you but let’s just say,

It’s gonna be a Hoot.


I really like the woodland style Krampus. We should sell this as a print!

Krampus – by C. Menzies

I'm going to tattoo my back with this.

Merry Christmas to you too Charlie!