The day is finally here! It’s a day of costumes, pumpkins and sweetness. And also horror, which is really what makes it special for me. One day a year where the creeps and freaks crawl out of the woodwork and own the night. And day, if you’re lucky enough to have the day off (and I am).

We did have a plan for a Halloween comic and if I can toot our own horn a little, it was pretty funny. But things have been busy here. Running a web comic alongside a full time job and other general “adultings” is manageable, but less so when it’s your favourite time of year. But don’t worry – we think today’s poster more than makes up for a lack of a special seasonal comic. Can you spot all of our favourite characters from film and television? I don’t even think I can. This doesn’t mean you won’t get the Halloween comic of course – just not this year. If we’re lucky enough to still have you reading next year then it’ll be a little throwback treat for you!

So – besides the poster – what did we do this Halloween???

Well Charlie made himself a costume and partied the night away. He was “Carlos de Mendez, slain by his eternal foe Guillermo el Toro”. If you aren’t sure what that looks like, see below. I’m still not sure what it was, and I think it’s best to leave him to explain at a later date…

Charlie’s talents are truly wasted collaborating with me!

I on the other hand visited a farm yard. A special farmyard. One with “Horror Mazes”. My expectations were high, with attraction names such as “Sub Zero – Zombies on a Submarine” and “13 Freaks – The Underground Freak Show”. They did not disappoint. I was grappled, stroked and screamed at. A bearded lady lit only by strobe swung her rolling pin at me and led me down a dead end (I somehow became “group leader” – feeling my way through the dark, abandoned “tunnel system”). She mocked me all the way, her laughter chasing me into the arms of three giggling clowns. It was spectacular. Add into that the fact that an un-dead Beauty and the Beast started playing with my hair, debating whether I was “Harry Potter in disguise” or “Kurt Cobain gone wrong” before screaming “PRINCESS! PRINCESS HAIR!” in my face. They even dragged a bald man over, and draped my hair over him, to make him feel better. These people took their job (of making you unnerved and uncomfortable whilst still having fun) very, very seriously.

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Oh – one last thing. I made a jack-o-lantern. Can you recognise it?

If you don't see who this is, you're on the wrong website.

Alfons-o-lantern – Geddit?